Equipment Supply

Equipment/Material supply (Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Oil Field Equipment and Materials e.g. Computers/Data Storage Systems, Communication Equipment, Cold Room Services, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), spare parts, Chemical Supply (General Purpose/Analar Grade), Office and Household Appliances)

AFPAG Technical Services Nigeria Ltd provides supply, installation and maintenance services on competitive and contract basis to support oil and gas exploration, production refining and construction. Our supply includes but not limited to personal protective equipment, office and household appliances, computer/data storage systems, laboratory and communication equipments. We handle the challenge of global sourcing. We understand the material we are purchasing and also understand what it means to portray safety, quality and integrity. Our goal for effectiveness in procurement rests on quality management of supply orders, control of procurement expenditure and ensuring timely delivery of products and services. Our delivery will always be accompanied by quality assurance documentation as required.

Rehabilitation/Upgrade/Fabrication Works

Minor Civil, and Electrical Services, Culverts, Minor Metal Fabrication, Drainage, Underground Storage Tanks (UST), Surface Storage Tanks (SST), Overhead Tanks etc.

AFPAG Technical Services Nigeria Ltd carries out a range of civil engineering and electrical works as part of measured term contracts and also standalone projects. We have in the past, and continue to successfully complete contracts of this type for clients from both the private and public sectors. Civil engineering works are carried out using specialist equipment and resources by skilled personnel from our pool of direct labour and partner sub contractors. Typical work activities include:

  • Storm & foul drainage
  • Earthworks
  • Services installation
  • Mass and reinforced concrete work
  • Fencing, gates and perimeter work
  • Remedial and maintenance works to existing roads and sewers
  • Minor building works
  • Electrical works including street lights and amenity lighting

Environmental Services

Environmental Assessment/Studies (EIA, EER, EAR, PIA) Office and Sewage Evacuation, Office Fumigation and Sanitation etc.